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Looking at Gerald Graff & Cathy Birkenstein writing in ” Entering the Conversation” The advantages of the model is that it obtains a structure through it all. You’re getting a perspective of the conversation but basically having an accuracy of how you speak to others in a conversation.

I would actually agree with the use of art work actually helps us analyze other situations because looking at art work you can see a certain point of view that’s being show to you that can’t be seen by someone else. In the video it basically has a break down of steps where you yourself can have a better understanding of it all.

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  1. Matthew

    In the reading by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein we can say that their writing ” Entering the Conversation ” it helps create an idea of the third person view of us having a conversation. It gives the reader an idea of how they look like and what they sound like when talking to other people by analyzing what they’re are saying, how they wanna say it and their targeted audience. To add on, the videos also help by telling us art can help with communication and helps form your idea or the picture you wanna create in the audience members head or the person you are conversing with.

  2. Angel C. Jr

    This writing “Entering the Conversation” contributes to the creation of a third-person perspective of us conversing. It analyzes what they’re saying, how they want to express it, and their intended audience to offer the reader an idea of how they seem and sound when speaking to others. Furthermore, the movies assist us by demonstrating how art may aid communication and help form your idea or desired image.

  3. Paul Fess

    Jane, great points. In a way, they are related because you emphasize the ways entering the conversation and the stuff from smarthistory address our sense of perspective.

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