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In the introduction “They say/I say”, Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein believe that writers should use the model of “entering the conversation” in their writing. According to the article it helps us successfully enter not only the world of academic thinking and writing but also the wider worlds of civic discourse and work. I agree that writers should use the model of entering the conversation because it helps readers to understand better and more clearly so the readers can understand the writer’s points of view in a better way. 


I agree how learning to look at art helps us to analyze other situations because art helps us to investigate deeper and better. In another word, art helps us our ability to translate to other what we have seen. Therefore, those skills can save our lives during an emergency. For example, many professionals use art to analyze their skills. Art can give information and social information clearly. And also, learning to look at artwork helps us to give ideas and think critically. 


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  1. Grzegorz Bielen

    Likewise, i agree with you both. One thing I took from the video was that artwork helps us see perspective. You’re forced to see what the illustrator wants you to see, from the background, to the subject, to the tiny details. By analyzing and artwork, you can develop your attention to detail and one day translate that skill to real-life situations.

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