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Writers can improve their writing with different techniques. One of them is by using the model of “entering the conversation.” In this technique, writers observe and listen more to what others have to say before putting forward their own ideas so that they can present their arguments or their ideas in context to what others are saying. It also helps writers make their statement stronger by supporting their argument based on evidence or what “they say.” This way readers can understand all aspects of the topic and the reasoning the writer presents.  

I believe that learning to look at artwork helps us to evaluate other situations. It improves the way we see things around us if we pay attention to every little detail to find meaning. It compels us to think and question what lies in front of us and try to understand the situation. It can open new dimensions we may usually overlook and help us to comprehend better. We can implement this skill in our daily lives to get a deeper understanding of everything around us and be more aware and develop our analytical skills. 

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