blog post #7

At the beginning of the “Power” episode Krukowaki asserts, “the marginal-the rejected-the represses- is whatever the powerful have decided is of no use at the moment.” He means that people nowadays buy or download music apps online rather than buying CDs from the store physically. Matter of fact, technology has worked so well that people now live in a digital world where they do not go to bookstores, or record stores, or libraries.

In the episode of “power” Krokowsaki draws differences between being “surprised” by music and “discovering” music. I believe that being surprised by music means that the music that we hear every day on our phones using the music apps like Pandora, or Apple music, or Spotify. Moreover, those music apps want to give us music we probably like where we don’t have control over it. On the other hand, “discovering” music means that we go into a bookstore where we can gain so much information. Even Though going to the bookstores, or record stores, or libraries is fundamentally different, when we learn to navigate, we adopt it where we can discover something good.

The music listening experiences by Forced exposure is different from platforms like Spotify. Forced exposure is a music magazine where Jimmy Johnson would listen to every record that comes into his record store so that he would be able to provide knowledge and recommendation to his customers. In other words, forced exposure means buying music from people who recommend us to listen. On the other hand, Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video service which wants to give us the music we probably like. In addition, it gives us access to millions of songs all over the world and it is done by computers where humans have no control over it.