blog post 7#

Krukowski is saying that today is different from back then when you can just walk in the store and pick a record that you like but today there is an easier way to access the music we listen to and make it easier to find want we want to hear.
HE means that surprising is not helping things but to discover familiar music we want to listen to and what’s surprising us in that way, something we may not like but already seeing something we’re familiar with makes us more likely to listen to it. Like if you listen to a song and then it recommends similar songs that you might like. Rather than recommending things that you have never heard and may not want to listen to. It’s important to help the listeners find what they want easily, apps like Spotify try to make it as easy as possible for listeners two have access to songs that they want.
The difference between them is that the record store listens to the music and describes it in detail before letting the public see it. To make it easier for listeners to see what they are interested in. And whether they wanna listen to it or not. Where is Spotify has an algorithm that can tell by  the data you give, your activity on the app, and what you listened to they recommend songs that you may like based on what you have heard already?