Blog Post #7

In the beginning of episode 5- POWER, Damon Krukowski said,”The marginal-the rejected-the repressed-is of no use at the moment”. I think what Damon Krukowski is trying to say is that compelling corporations like Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc have all influence to what we listen to based off algorithms. These mainstream platforms have the influence to what’s pertinent and not pertinent based on weekly listeners on a certain type of genre or song. Damon Krukowski also asked,”But might it not be a key to alternate approaches-to art, to society-to power itself?” I believe what Krukowski means by this is that companies like Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc have changed the whole entire scheme of how we choose what type of music we listen to. It’s like a powershift from back in the day in which¬† we the people of society chose art in the form of music in which we listen to and the producers of music catered to “Us” the consumers. Now the big corporations have power over what music genre or songs are old, not viable, and are not recommended to us which gives them control of what we listen to and closes opportunities to old or new genres of music we may have enjoyed listening.

The distinction Krukowski draws between being “surprised” by music and “discovering” music is when he mentions that today is not like back in the days when you could walk into a record store and decide on which record you would like to listen to. You would be able to communicate with others in the store and hear their advocacy on what to listen to.

In Forced Exposure Magazine, their feelings are authentic when it comes to listening to music before endorsing it to consumers. Their owners and employees also listened, and some even wrote about the songs in the inventory. While Spotify uses algorithms to suggest what type of music a person will like.