blog post #6

Ralph Ellison describes where he lives, the sounds he hears, and what he sees around him. The things that he hears and sees every day, and describing his noisy neighbors Also, how they are loud and they play music and How he hears all the sounds from outside from the people and the cats and dogs. It all affected the way he lived because he would hear it all the time. and would have to try to cope with the noise and live with it.
He means by saying ”In those days it was either live with music or die with noise” that he had to put up with the nouse so he had to live with the music. trying to make it into something positive or he would spend the rest of the time he stayed  there he would be miserable with the noise
Ways of hearing and The soundscape are similar because since he is used to the sounds he hears. He can learn to ignore them and still hear the noise but he can drown the sounds out. since he has to live with it but he can try to make the best of it. like he says he can drown out the noise with others noises.