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1. There are differences between “hearing” and “listening”.  I would say that “hearing” is a process that comes naturally. It was a passive process that people usually don’t make an effort. It doesn’t need concentration. On the other hand, “listening” needs our effort to do it such as paying attention. We can hear someone is talking, yet we might not listen to them. Clearly, people always make choices about what we listen to. Moreover, I would say music taste might tell us about what is social class or gender of whom that listening to that kind of music.

2. According to the podcast, ways of hearing episode 2, Schafer and Krukowski discussed that there were relationships between sound and space. They took us to “CBGB” which was the old club in East village’s manhattan. This place had its own meaning as a special space because it was a space that shared sound when musicians performed.  Moreover, they talked about sound and space in the 1920s. The reason they talked bout this year was because it was a very noisy year. Technology, including Subway, was developed ver fast. This made New York City become so loud. Many people, who shared the same space, had a hard time dealing with noisy sounds every day. So, the quiet zone was invented. It was a precious space for people who want to escape those unpleasant sounds. Gentrification was one of the factors that made the city get noisier. Schafer and Krukowski also discussed to radio city music hall. They stated that this was the first hall to emphasize the sound. It was just like CBGB, that this was the space that was built for the purpose of the sound. Clearly, there is a significant relationship between sound and space.



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