Newsletter Week 11

Hi all,

As I was grading the last blog post assignment, I noticed many of you are behind in the work for the course. This has been a trying semester, and it has likely gotten more challenging for you as the coronavirus numbers creep up and New York has faced and continues to face more cancelations and closures, most notably the closure of public schools.

You can finish the course despite these challenges, and as we enter the end of the semester, I want to make the workload lighter to help you do this.

In the final weeks of the semester, I would like you to focus on four areas:

  1. Finish any incomplete work
  2. Complete Paper 2 by 12/04
  3. Short response to the DuBois reading. For this assignment, I would like you to revise and expand your response to question #1 on Blog Post 8.You should expand your response to this question to about 400-500 words. The new due date for this assignment is 12/07. Upload your response to Blackboard.
  4. Optional: revise Paper 1¬† for a better grade. (Upload your new draft to Blackboard in Assignments “Optional Paper Revision.”)

Finally, I would like to schedule a meeting with each of you individually. Please go to this Google Doc and sign up for one 15-minute time slot. (If you cannot find a time to fit your schedule please email me and we can work something out.)

Let me know if you have any questions.

All best,