First Year Student

Hello everyone,

My name is Crystal Wilson, I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, there, I graduated High School in 2004. One year after I graduated, I migrated to the US. I then attended classes and received my High School Equivalency Diploma. I have three children (15,13 and a 1 year old)  whom reside with me. My major is Criminal Justice. This is my first time attending college, so I’m excited and look forward to learn all these new topics, and excel in the courses with my dedication, & the assistance and patience of the professors.




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  1. Gianna (She)

    Hi my name is Gianna. People call me “Gee”. As of right now I’m just a Liberal Arts Major just trying to figure it all out but I do have a lot of love/interest for any creative outlet such as music,art,dancing,fashion. I love watching anything comedy, make me laugh and you got it.

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