Blog post 7

I would say what Damon Krukowski is trying to say by “The marginal-the rejected-the repressed-is of no use at the moment” is by how music is chosen now for us by companies from taste , genre, type just by modern technology. He’s saying that even though music gets rejected and no use it can still hold a value or use somewhere else. Music companies like Spotify or apple would hand pick select music choices for you just based of one song you’ve chosen when you start listening. They would automatically play a song off your playlist so you can listen to a new stream and new genre making that music useful in someone else’s stream.

what he’s trying to say with the powerful and the marginalized is that you can transform anything, remake it , rebuild or re structure to make it modernized or to the majorities liking making that powerful. Marginalized is having no significance in society but is significant to you or someone else and starts to receive the attention and builds itself up again.

Krukowski has a point that surprise is not the same as discovery to a big corporation these corps want to change everyone and as much of our time as possible with their products they want their products to consume us. Krukowski gives an example of Google ,Spotify and Facebook. He shows us how these three company provide our information we would like to know. When we use Spotify we always want to hear what we like our taste in music , when using google we always want to read the correct answers to the questions we seek. So when were using these apps we went to feel and experience differently when browsing on them.

The music listening experiences enabled by Force Exposure is quite different to those that Paul Lamere is working on with platforms like Spotify because In Force Exposure, we pick up songs and list it to a  playlist that fits for you.  Spotify they are always built by programmers and it has algorithm in the app which can expose us different kinds of music and provide us to explore unfamiliar music giving us a wide variety.