blog post #4

I quite agree with Martin Berger’s argument that the media tries to portray Black Americans as victims instead of standing up for their rights. Usually, black people were oppressed by society, which was shaped by news, TV, or magazines. Many of black people’s photos were taken and published by people who held the power (journalists/photographers). These journalists/photographers have the ability to filter, pick and share stories/photos to publicity. Whatever they choose to publish, the world acknowledges them. I think this is one of the biggest reasons that in the past black people usually played the victim role in society. However, the incident that happened to George Floyd has changed the position of many black people. They protest, express their feeling, and don’t want to be oppressed anymore. The world looks up to them as people who stand up for their rights, not the victim like in the past. Time changed, the way that people seeing has changed also.