Blog post 3

According to Berger, “publicity” what we would call advertising images influences consumers to buy products or portray a lifestyle they wish to have. Businesses have strategies to promote their products by having attractive models, or you might see a car, a house, expensive jewelry as the background to persuade consumers into buying, making them feel glamorous but in reality just selling them a dream. The importance in the differences Berger expressed about oil paintings and publicity pictures are dreams vs. reality. Oil paintings display the artist’s worth and see life within the painting showing authenticity. Publicity is advertising; if we buy a particular product, the better life would be but, in reality, just wasting money and making you poor and the rich richer. The production of images for publicity reveals to us how every day we are influenced by society. If you have the money you put yourself at a higher social class and control. One of the dreams Berger offers is “The dream of later tonight” where he shows a group of well-dressed people laughing and having a good time in an upscale restaurant. The image advertising that money can buy happiness and puts you in a better position in life, but money doesn’t buy happiness in reality.