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  1. According to Berger, publicity influences each of us in a consumer society that we adjust us human beings or our lives by buying something more. It persuades us and would somehow make us richer, although we would be poorer by spending money. This is significant because it can influence consumers into buying more and more of something, somehow seeming like the consumers have gotten richer, but by spending money and buying more things advertised, it makes them poorer.
  2. Berger says that we fail to see what oil paintings and the publicity image have in common because we think of one as fine art and the other as commerce. Oil paintings had already basically shown that the owner was enjoying his life and his many possessions, it had enhanced his own view of himself as he already was. Oil paintings had corresponded to the condition of his own life. With publicity, it is with things that have not yet been achieved.
  3. The first dream Berger offers, it shows people having a good time, being happy. Everyone is surrounded by what brings pleasure. The alcoholic beverage is associated with all these people having a good time, which makes the consumer associate having only a good time with this alcoholic beverage.

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