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According to Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, writers should use the model of ” Entering the Conversation” in their writing. The “They say/ I say” format helps writers expand their thinking and interpret their own claim and counterclaim. Once the reader can get a general idea of what you are talking about this will allow the reader to agree or disagree based on your reasoning/evidence. Being able to state your claim and analyzing different point of views your argument will be more credible. Just like a conversation you start of with a idea and build off someone’s else responses for example someone may say abortion should be allowed under certain circumstances and goes on with the reasons and other person will respond and say I agree with you but killing a fetus after certain amount of weeks shouldn’t be allowed and this conversation will keep going causing a debate.

Learning to look at artwork help us analyze other situations from the smarthistory videos because you see your point of view and can translate your view to others even though someone else may have a different perception. Looking at the artwork can also help you with communication skills by asking questions and solving real world problems.

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  1. Taron Lewis

    1. I agree to what Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein said because it makes sense on how people write about certain things and that it can make them think about what he or she is saying or talking about. Writers usually make a decision on how the story is going to be about to what the person is going to do and just like your thoughts usually argue about what you should when you are writing.

    2. I agree because when you see something that interest you you say your own point of view on what you think of what you see, just like how you hear music or when you judging something you say it in your own point of view.

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