Blog Post #1: Graff and Birkenstein; Smarthistory

  1. Writers have a greater advantage when they use the model “entering the conversation”. One of first advantages I noticed is structure throughout the conversation or text. Many students including may struggle with this sometimes. So having a structure makes the conversation or text flow better. Another advantage that really stuck out to me was making sure your position and viewpoint in the conversation are clear so you can get a accurate and engaging conversation from your peer(s).
  2. Learning how to look at artwork definitely helps us analyze other situations presented us. The video ‘How Art Can Help You Analyze’ literally breaks down 5 steps or methods we can use to analyze a picture or situation. I’ve also realized while I’m at work I use all of these methods. Just to refresh you guys memory the methods were ‘Study the Picture (situation) Thoroughly, Analyze the Elements Observed, Articulate the Succinctly, and Formulate Questions.’ When you use this step while looking at a picture it helps you look deeper than surface. This method has also helped me during work too!

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